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Multidisciplinary artist, film industry professional, musician, performer, doer of things etc.
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Jessica is an interdisciplinary creative professional working in film, visual and fine arts, music, and performance. A graduate of NSCAD University, Jessica maintains a diverse creative practice across disciplines and industries, striving to overlap and intertwine disparate areas of work. 

Her work in the film industry began as a one-person Art Department on

low-to-no-budget indie short films and series, and has progressed into Production Design and Art Direction on feature films. Jessica thrives working on films with stylized, rich world-building, using her thorough attention to detail and artistic eye to deliver a cohesive, colour-coordinated, carefully considered visual journey through the world of the script as it migrates to the screen. 

Jessica aims to write and direct stories for the screen.

Jessica's visual art practice is currently focused on drawing, ceramics and sculpture, with a history of working with reclaimed materials to create installations that span media. Jessica uses her knowledge of the Adobe Suite to produce graphics for use on film sets. She sometimes works as an arts facilitator and has participated in the governance of community arts organizations.

Birds & Bicycles is a side project that produces small commercial art objects for sale at markets and galleries.

She has been known to perform on stage and screen, currently participating in a Halifax improv troupe and having acted in theatrical productions locally in the past. She occasionally seeks out roles on smaller screen productions too.

Jessica is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist interested in audio

experimentation and improvisation. She has played supporting and leading roles in various bands over the years. 

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